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Sep 27, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >> the break in is one of a dozen that occurred since monday and popped up in areas like ella cut city, eldridge, and what a fine. >> he is knocking on doors to see if residents are home. when he finds a resident at home, he asks for someone who doesn't live there and quickly leaves. >> police believe all of the break-ins are related and most likely being committed by the same person. they also say they almost got a huge break in the case after the suspect was spotted by 13-year- old boy. >> he was at home when he heard someone knocking loudly on the front door. he didn't answer and soon after, the door was kicked in. when a suspect realize someone was in the house, he ran away quickly. >> anyone throughout the county sees anything suspicious, that would include a person they don't recognize randomly knocking on doors, to call 911 that immediately. >> a dramatic scene unfold last night as state police from pennsylvania and maryland team that the county officers in the multistate pursuit of two teenagers. it all started in pennsylvania just south of harrisburg. that is re 17-year-old st
Sep 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
on that in a couple of minutes. >> baltimore city moves a step closer to moving -- to opening a casino. a general manager has been named and the project developers are already talking about expansion. let's go live to downtown baltimore for more on this story. >> the new general manager was introduced today. he comes from louisiana and has 18 years' experience in the casino business. as this project gets underway, there are questions about a proposal to expand gaming here in maryland. it is the new banner that will boast of the location of the baltimore casino. the site in the background is not much to look at right now. >> not yet, but in a few months, we will have over 2000 construction workers building the casino. >> he says the casino will hire 1200 permanent and police and the facility will have more than 3700 video slot machines. >> the great thing about building a casino in downtown baltimore as we understand we will be a piece of the overall pie. when people come to baltimore, we want people to be a part of it. we're just going to be one piece of it. >> that makes me excited about the pro
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2